It is yours for the taking

An important way to maximize your revenue is claiming duty drawback. If imported merchandise is subsequently either manufactured into a different article or re-exported you are entitled to all or part of customs duty or domestic tax paid.

SIMS WORLDWIDE offers duty drawback expertise throughout the globe. Our team can streamline the process of claiming duty drawback or provide the resources to manage the entire process. If you have your own drawback technology we can use it, or you can use your customized drawback system.

Some project elements might include:

  • Manufacturer’s Drawback contracts
  • Requests for Special Privileges (Accelerated Payment, Waiver of Prior Notice, One-Time Waiver of Prior Notice)
  • Requests for Commercial Interchangeability
  • Duty Drawback Claims
  • Protection to ensure timely payment of Duty Drawback Claims
  • Provide continuous program-status updates
  • Duty Drawback Audit Services
  • Record Retention Management
  • Complete Management of the claimant’s Duty Drawback account