Backed with industry knowledge and a global insurance background since 1924, we couple global supply chain execution strategies with world class risk mitigation expertise in an active international insurance market.  Our expertise revolves not only short product life cycle environments such as air cargo insurance, but we also consider ourselves a formidable partner for sea and land freight insurance needs. Let us develop a specific insurance product and coverage concept for your individual need.

Our core competencies:

• Transport insurance for all types of cargo in diverse vertical industries
• Consequential loss insurance
• Support in the development of transportation and logistics concepts
• Valuable cargo and jewellers’ block insurance
• Transport of cash and valuables


• Air Cargo Insurance
• Sea Freight Insurance
• Over the Road and Rail Insurance
• Transport Open Policy
• Jewellers’ Block
• Cash in Transit
• Aviation Spares

Loss prevention/risk management

Risk is a product of of known and unknown internal and external factors exerting threats onto your supply chain execution model.

Our experts from Military, Government and Trade have in depth knowledge of external global threats and typical internal vulnerabilities that result in undesired supply chain variance in the form of unplanned loss and unplanned consequences.  Our supply chain proficiency coupled with our established and recognized risk mitigation expertise has helped numerous clients develop more effective and efficient supply chain execution strategies throughout the globe.

Benefit from our expertise

Our experts will help you with

• Risk assessment
• Risk analysis
• Measures for risk elimination and risk reduction
• Determination of the share of the risk to be insured
• Help you position your risk mitigation initiatives for recognized Trade Security Benefits

Our advisory service is at your disposal

• Product-specific risk analysis and optimisation for storage in transit, movements of goods, routes, means of transportation
• Measurements of shock, temperature and pressure during air transportation, including pre-carriage and onward carriage
• Packaging advice and engineering
• Transport monitoring
• Improved tamper evidence and custodial control

Claims management

Combined with our risk analysis and risk mitigation team, our claims assessment and processing service brings scalable efficiencies to your cargo claims efforts. Our claims management services not only process claims but also analyzes trends. These trends create executable decision support in the form of training to help reduce or eliminate loss or to help identify potentially nefarious claims activity. Our team can analyze your current claims processes and your internal controls and prepare for you what may be a more scalable and cost effective claims management strategy.